How it works

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Post a business listing or an ad

There's three ways for you to get your business listed in MIBD or post an ad.

1st - You can submit the online business registration form in the MIBD website or mobile application with the details of the business.
2nd - You can call or whatsapp MIBD customer service at the contact number listed on MIBD website and mobile application under "Contact Us"
3rd - You can email MIBD customer service at the email address listed on MIBD website and mobile application under "Contact Us"

Once you submit the information to us via any of the three ways as mentioned above, our awesome customer service team will guide you through the processes to list your business in MIBD website and mobile application.

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Find a Business

You will have to select the state and town in which you want to find a business. Subsequently, select the category of the business that you are looking for and the list of all the businesses in the selected category will be displayed for you to chose from.

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Contact The Admin

Our customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am till 6.00 pm.

Call : 123-456-7890

Email us:

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Payment method

You can pay via online bank transfer, ATM deposit or cheque to our bank account number and name as below:
SK Future Advertising
Hong Leong Bank